Tiffany Smith-Fleischman


Tiffany began working in newsrooms in 1992 as a reporter, an editor and a page designer. Since leaving daily newspaper work in 2005, she has consistently found her way into the words of every endeavor she’s undertaken. Using her journalism training, she has successfully told the stories of local candidates and grassroots activism outside of the news realm. Tiffany listens, asks questions, and keys into stories. It all starts with curiosity, and putting it into words.

Making the leap from objective journalism to activism and politics was uncomfortable. But a commitment to her community overrode that discomfort. Tiffany squirmed as her friends ran for office and grassroots activist groups were forming. She could see the narrative. She could see a struggle to tell the story. Sitting on the sidelines was not an option. Telling these stories, seeing qualified and passionate people elected to local office is among the most gratifying work she’s done in her career.