How it works


Step one

Pay for what you need

Money is tight when launching a campaign or a small business. I try to keep things simple. I charge an hourly fee, and we negotiate how much time you want to invest. We can accomplish quite a bit in a two-hour consultation, and you will walk away with a good idea for how you can frame your message. For more detailed strategy or written content, we will need to invest more time.

Step two

Build on what works

Start-ups are different from mature endeavors. Your story will evolve. Looping back around to refresh and update your narrative shows attention to detail. I view each job as a relationship that will grow over time. By keeping my focus local, I can observe your evolution, and incorporate those observations into your update.


Step three


As your wordsmith, I can collaborate with your marketing team. I can edit your web site and other marketing materials to ensure a consistent voice.