Your business,
your campaign,
your story.

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Where do you start?

You know your story, but telling it can be tricky. How do you strike the right tone and communicate what makes you special? Especially if writing isn’t your thing.

Whether you are starting a business or running for office, I can help you develop a narrative that is true to you. I focus on helping local people present their most authentic selves.


“Drawing on decades of journalism experience, I essentially treat you and your endeavor as a news story.”



I interview you, ask questions, and use that information to help you drill down to the essence of your story.

From there, I write a narrative. And the narrative is your story. Your words, insights and thought process are all there.

Then we work on you. I coach you on putting that story to work. In no time, you’ll be communicating your story as if you had written it yourself.

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My Mission

I love working with local people who are answering the call to serve their communities. I have helped several candidates win local and state elections, and helped a local grassroots organization successfully earn significant credibility with local media.

I also love helping people who are taking the step to start a business. Locally owned businesses give towns flavor. I want to help tell your potential customers why they should stop in and say hello.